Our last hope?

14 08 2007

Condi Rice

Condi Rice has topped GQ’s list of 50 of the most powerful people in D.C. Their rationale goes as follows:

Rice, the ultimate yes-woman as national-security adviser, has become a much needed check on the Office of the Vice President. Like Colin Powell, her predecessor at State, she now recognizes the pomposity of “with us or against us” and the value in talking to one’s enemies. But the difference between her and Powell is: The president trusts her.

In other words, Powell was too threatening to the other members of the administration because he often challenged their policies and did so straightforwardly. Obviously, he helped beat the drums of war, i.e. his testimony before the U.N., but for what its worth he did so reluctantly. Condi, on the other hand, easily shelfed her reservations about the neo-con world order to become a more influential player and not offend the Great Decider. Now that the President and the Vice President have remained unpopular for so long, her power is measured by how effective she is at preventing future blunders, such as invading Iran, or simply persuading the President to think differently. In other words, Condi is the world’s only hope in preventing this administration making a bad situation even worse.

How is that for a sobering thought?

Interestingly enough, Ronald Regan — a deceased president — was lucky number 13 on the list.




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