Guiliani’s So-Called Herorism

9 09 2007

Rudy Giuliani has doggedly exploited his performance during 9/11 long enough. But his front runner status among GOP Presidential contenders and the upcoming anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks are starting to shed more light on his record of apathy toward the conditions of the 9/11 cleanup. Gail Collins’ column yesterday in the New York Times superbly highlights his shocking indifference to their plight.

In the final months of his mayoralty, Giuliani went to ground zero 41 times, with whatever visiting statesman, movie star or sports hero who happened to be in town. He would walk them around the edge of the disaster zone and retell the story of 9/11. They could see ironworkers and crane operators dismantling the ruins and emergency workers looking for remains of the victims. Beneath those workers, the still-burning wreckage coughed up benzene and PCB’s and asbestos. The city had received many reports about the danger of that air. Looking down, Giuliani could see that very few people — except the health supervisors — were wearing protective gear. And he did nothing about it.

A responsible mayor would have vigorously enforced federal requirement mandating the wearing of protective gear to shield workers from high levels of toxicity. But not Guiliani. News reports are now replete with thousands of 9/11 workers still suffering from persistent respiratory illnesses, and even untimely death. And of those lucky enough to still be alive, they have the good fortune of contending with burdensome health care costs.

But that has not stopped Guiliani from having the gall to identify his parading around with the gliterati and other politicos at ground zero with the plight of the 9/11 workers themselves.

Think that’s too harsh? Check out what Guiliani has said about his own heroism.

I should note that Guiliani has apologized for his insensitive remarks.




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4 10 2007

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