VA Blogger Says She Was Harrassed for blogging on Jena 6 Case

24 09 2007

Vivian J. Paige, an African-American blogger, claims she was harassed for blogging on the Jena 6 case.

Since Monday, my blog has been slammed with visitors from all over the country, looking for information on yesterday’s Jena 6 rally. Many of those new people have left comments here, some of them thoughtful and insightful, and others of them a lot less so. I’ve had to edit – or sometimes delete – more comments in the past week than I have in the 18 months I’ve been blogging.

Some of the comments were personal attacks on me – for what, I wasn’t sure. I guess simply because they could see that I was black, some commenters assumed that I thought the boys in Jena were completely innocent, that I support Al Sharpton and his ilk, that I supported the woman in the Duke case – heck, that I thought OJ was innocent. I’ve been called the n-word and the b-word by people who have never visited my blog before.

All of that – simply because I happen to be black.




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