Sen. Durbin on Mukasey and Torture

13 10 2007

Senator Dick Durbin, the Democrat Majority Whip in the Senate, among others, will likely grill Bush’s attorney general nominee, retired federal Judge Michael Mukasey, on a number of issues related to torture and rendition of terrorist suspects. And if a recent article by Bloomberg News, is any indication, it does not sound as if Durbin is confident in Mukasey’s is committed to shutting down Gitmo and other detention centers or end the use of torture.

Mukasey should also give lawmakers his views on the treatment of terrorist suspects in custody at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and secret CIA prisons, Durbin said. “What is he going to do with the issue of torture?”

In a private meeting, Durbin said Mukasey “wasn’t as clear about the future of that facility” as Bush, who “has talked about closing it for a long, long time.”

Gonzales “was in on the ground floor of rewriting the rules” in secret memos that “really raise important questions” about techniques for interrogating terrorist suspects, Durbin said.




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