Whites and Blacks Differ on Jena and Justice System

17 10 2007

Unsurprisingly, recent polling data of the opinions of whites and African-Americans regarding the Jena Six situation in Louisianna, and discrimination within the criminal justice system generally, reveal a huge gulf in their attitudes.

According to a CNN-Opinion Research Corp. poll released Tuesday, 79 percent of blacks said the black teenagers in Jena were treated unfairly. Whites were more evenly divided, with 33 percent saying they were treated unfairly, 29 percent fairly and 38 percent saying they were unsure.

In an Associated Press-Ipsos poll taken late last month, nearly nine in 10 blacks said that blacks and other minorities cannot receive equal justice to whites under the nation’s justice system. Whites agreed, but by a much narrower 50 percent to 44 percent.




5 responses

18 10 2007

White America is a funny crowd. If I were an illegal I would give these people what they want. I can hardly wait for the day when White America is seen in the fields, bent over, picking cabbage, cotton, etc. As an African American female, I have no fear of slavery of my people returning so I say…give them exactly what they want, their fields, their hotel rooms, etc, etc., etc. White American “men” are so fearful of any non-white man that they will use any excuse; prison, lack of or non education, english only laws, double standards in the justice system, etc. …can you imagine?…a people who came to these shores ard stole everything they have from every other race on earth…you people are a joke. Welcome to the new century…white men are no longer relevant. They lie, steal, cheat, murder, anything, and everything to get what they want.

18 10 2007

This is only a surprise to those who have never been a minority in this country. Did anyone really think those southern white men were going to let “niggers” dictate the law….whether right or wrong. White America will do anything to save face…. There was no way on this earth that child was going free…he was too black.
I truly thank the good Lord for the internet because it has taken the mask off the democracy in this country, or lack thereof for anyone that is non-white now, the world knows. Maybe we should clean our own house before we go thousands of miles and thousands of innocent lives to go clean someone else’s

18 10 2007

The painful truth,

My comments were just removed from this page for their truthfulness. And this is a civil liberties blog, where are we in Iran or Israel. So you help out from time to time the Palestinians who are being murdered by Zionist in Israel.


18 10 2007

Actually, I have left other racist comments on blog that were directed toward people of color. (See Kevin’s comment on “Media and Jena 6”)

I am more of a libertarian when it comes to free speech than you would otherwise suspect. But if you are advocating for the outright elimination of an entire group of people, then your comment deserves to be deleted.

18 10 2007

Excuse me,

People of color are insulting my race and I am defending myself and my people the Aryans. We built this country… I am a northerner and I never once had a negro thank me for my forefathers freeing them, bleeding and dying for them. This bitch is calling all white men liars and murderers but you keep her statements up!

P.S. Read my comments! I never once advocated the elimination of an entire group or tribe of people in any of them!


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