Obama as Himself on SNL

4 11 2007

Bill Richardson did it to himself. All the candidates piled on Hillary at the debate this past Tuesday and he goes out of his way to defends her. Perhaps, he genuinely thought he was doing the chivalrous thing, but as they say no good deed…

Maybe if Gov. Richardson touts his resume a little more than he already does could live this one down.

At any rate, Madame Inevitable is more than capable of defending herself. Her machine is agile, well greased, and ready to pounce. After all, she proudly reminds us at virtually every opportunity with almost Nietzschean vigor, she has taken on the vast right wing conspiracy for the last 15 years and has only gotten stronger.

But it was interesting to see Amy Poehler’s Hillary come across as so genteel, which was refreshing. I must admit I never imagined her that way. Nice touch.

Biden and Dodd were well portrayed as experienced beltway know it alls. Lotty dah.

Country bumpkin Edwards. Damn.

But poor Mike Gravel. Its one thing to portray him as the wing nut curmudgeon, its something entirely different to characterize him as mental patient unable to control his bowel movement. This was definitely over the top.

Obama came across exactly in the manner he imagines himself – principled and self-assured. But bro you are down 15 percent in the polls in South Carolina right now. Hope only gets you so far. Its time to break a sweat!

And umm…what happen to the two faced Romney mask you promised us during the debate?

(H/T: Think on these things)




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