Joe Trippi Getting Fired Up in Iowa?

12 11 2007

This is just too funny.

Matthew Yglesias at the Atlantic astutely pointed out something that strikes me as stranger than fiction in Ana Marie Cox’s piece on the Jefferson Jackson dinner this weekend in Iowa.

How good was Barack Obama’s speech at the Iowa Democratic Party Jefferson Jackson dinner Saturday night? Long after the event ended, as a scrum of giddy Obama staffers were all-but-forcibly exited from the bar of the Fort Des Moines Hotel, they struck up a spontaneous chorus of the campaign’s newly debuted catchphrase: “Fired up!” Beat. “Ready to go!” Beat “Fired up!” Beat. “Ready to go!” This slightly manic release of tension and elation wasn’t surprising. What was surprising was the person leading it: John Edwards campaign manager Joe Trippi, who punctuated each explosive slogan with a pumped fist.

I have to admit it is a pretty catching slogan.

I wonder if Trippi was leading the chant here too.

H/T : Matthew Yglesias




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