FLA Statistics on School to Prison Pipeline

13 11 2007

Check out these alarming 2006 statistics on the school-to-prison pipeline, the widespread practice of pushing children out of the school system and into the juvenile and criminal justice system, in Miami-Dade Florida. This is often done by instituting zero-tolerance policies that criminalize minor behavioral problems.

The (Miami-Dade Florida) school district has its own police department with over 200 police officers. Last year, approximately 2,500 youth were arrested by Miami-Dade Public School Police, an increase of over 50% from just two years earlier.

Of the students arrested, most were for minor offenses, such as “disorderly conduct” and weaponless fights – behavior that could have been addressed in school. Less than 15% of the total arrests were for drug or weapon offenses.

In 2004, students as young as 7 were arrested in Miami-Dade Public Schools

Read more here.




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