A Diverse Race

19 11 2007

In a letter to the Washington Post today, a David C. Ruffin seemed to have little patience with Juan Williams overemphasizing the fact that a significant percentage of African Americans in a recent Pew poll said black folk should not be considered one race.

Juan Williams’s Nov. 14 op-ed, “One Race, Divisible,” cited polling data showing that many African Americans no longer think of blacks in this country as a single race.

That is nonsense. At more than 36 million, the black population of the United States is bigger than that of many nations. There’s great diversity among us in opinions, values and socioeconomic status. But we’re all still black. Black America is not a monolith, and neither is white America.

Because a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant cab driver sees the world differently than a Hungarian immigrant computer company executive doesn’t mean that they’re not both white.





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