Illegal Immigration is Not a Criminal Offense

30 11 2007

At the Republican Presidential CNN/YouTube debate on Wednesday night, Mike Huckabee tried to explain a plan he introduced as governor of Arkansas to provide the children of undocumented immigrants a college education. He said:

Huckabee: I supported the bill that would’ve allowed those children who had been in our schools their entire school life the opportunity to have the same scholarship that their peers had, who had also gone to high school with them and sat in the same classrooms.

They couldn’t just move in in their senior year and go to college. It wasn’t about out of state tuition. It was an academic, meritorious scholarship called the Academic Challenge Scholarship.

Now, let me tell you a couple of provisions of it. And, by the way, it didn’t pass. It passed the House but got in the Senate and got caught up in the same kind of controversy that this country is caught up in.

And here’s what happened. This bill would’ve said that if you came here, not because you made the choice but because your parents did, that we’re not going to punish a child because the parent committed a crime.

That’s not what we typically do in this country.

I thought this was an interesting response because while Huckabee is trying to appeal to the better angels of our nature here, he is still getting some wrong.  And probably deliberately, which is undocumented immigration is not a crime, its a civil violation. That is to say, unauthorized immigration to the United States, is not punishable through the U.S. criminal code.

In fact, deportation or removal proceedings are actually conducted in civil court, not criminal court.

But so many of us have had it beat into our heads that undocumented immigrants carry this aura of inherent criminality around them because all we here is illegal immigration, illegal immigration, illegal immigration, illegal immigration.

Even Republican front runner Rudy Guiliani got slaughtered by his base when he tried to inform people about this distinction.

And assuming that we could charged all immigrants without papers or who are unauthorized with criminal charges, that would lead to a administrative nightmare that would do more harm than good. Our courts could not handle those cases and there is no where near the manpower to conduct mass deportation. Not to mention families would be broken apart and many of those charged would be detained almost indefinitely while the government figures out what to do with them.

Some of this is obviously already happening.

Of course, some people may think this is a mere semantic distinction, but its not. Its about trying to think straight about a problem before it gets worse.




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1 12 2007

America has been feeding people from all over the World, especially during disasters….This is a gracious quality, However, America is usually the only country that puts in ten times more than any other country has.
This is why America is near total Bankruptcy and had to borrow Trillion dollars from China, ( of all people )and this should tell anyone with common sense that this is a true statement, not even to mention that our own Govt. owes our (WE) the peoples own money $ 1.3 trillion dollars to SOC. SECURITY, plus interest, of which they have not even started to pay back.

When S.S.started ,it was a stipulation that this money was belonging to the people only,
and not to be touched….

Congress which is rather arrogant,
( in case no one has noted )
simply wrote a new Bill which gave them the authority to borrow this money…Nobody asked my permission, how about you ?

Stilled owed and no interest paid yet…!!!

Now they are have another Bill which has passed, that they will be allowed to give our Social Security to “ILLEGALS”…….

Any wonder why Soc.Sec. will be broke by 2020?

The word Shit is vulgar, The word Congress
is fast catching up to it, in all senses , and pretty soon, saying “CONGRESS YOU” will be as revolting as the wording now used…..
Anyone out there happy???

2 12 2007

Bigjer, the United States can be generous when that goal serves its national interest.

But considering that it’s generally regarded as the wealthiest country in the world it’s a little embarrassing that it’s barely scratches the top 15 donor nations in the world. In fact, by some measures its fails to crack the top 20 nations. Check out the links below for more info.

Its also important to note that the United States economic troubles, i.e. its deficit, has very little to do with how much foreign aid it dole out. And I do mean very little.

In fact, less than one percent (.016 percent) of its GDP goes toward foreign aid, which is the lowest among all G-8 nations.

The United States debt is due to a variety of complicated factors, including inflation and spending money on two poorly executed wars.

This may be difficult to believe, but on balance immigrants contribute far more to the company than they soak up. Immigrants are contributing billions of dollars to Social Security and Medicare, for example, even though it is unlikely they will see any benefits from those programs. (See link

Much of the money they contribute is done through fraudulent social security numbers. The Social Security administration keeps the funds in a fund called the “earnings suspense file.” Its often referred to as Social Security’s secret stash.

For more info see check out the following link

Plus, many immigrants typically are less likely to take advantage of the health care services in the United States too.

I realize that there has been a lot of talk about social security’s solvency. Conservatives who are seeking to privatize social security have dominated much of that discussion. For more information see the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities’ website on the President’s plan.

You’ll notice that under the President’s plan, social security solvent for fewer years. Its been social security privateers in his administration that have been floating around the whole notion that by 2020, Social Security will be bankrupt. In reality, if we do nothing, which I do not entirely recommend, it will be solvent at least until 2040.

I hope this was helpful to you.

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