Who’s Afraid of the Bloggers?

4 12 2007

NBC White House correspondent David Gregory recently blamed the blogosphere for America political polarization. Apparently, he feels a little badgered by a few people armed with a few keyboards, digital cameras, and DVRs.

This is a rather odd claim considering the presence and impact of talk radio. Just this past summer, as the immigration bill had was experiencing its last gasp, Sen. Trent Lott was quoted as saying “Talk radio is running America. We have to deal with that problem.” Maybe its just easier to pick on bloggers than point out how Fox News is simply another Republican propaganda machine that kicks into an even higher gear right before an election or a war. But of course it was not just Fox News, but most of the mainstream media who just gave the President the war he wanted.

These MSM types need to be honest with themselves and take some responsibility here.

(H/T: Think Progress.)




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