Why Should I Care about Roids in Sports?

14 12 2007

Perhaps, I am just too ignorant about the pervasiveness of steriod use in professional sports or don’t love baseball enough or fail to appreciate the pressures young athletes feel to take performance enhancing drugs, but I really do not care about this whole roids controversy at all.  I mean how does this affect me? Or people I should genuinely care about?

Of course, I agree those who broke the law should be punished and that reforms should be adopted to discourage anymore widespread use, but does this scandal really merit being on the home page of the New York Times or Washington Post or any other major news organization’s website?

Oh Puleeze!
We have a genocide in Darfur, the CIA destroying tapes of torturing people, Katrina victims being evicted from homes, conservative hawks politicizing intelligence reporting, a deficit that’s out of control, global climate change, millions of people without health care, and we are talking about grown men taking drugs to excel at a kids game as if its some national crisis.

Punish those who are responsible, crack down on the sellers of the drugs, and then let’s focus on more important things.




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