Holiday Ads by the Presidential Candidates

19 12 2007

Holiday ads do nothing for me, but I am sure some pollster or media guru out there thinks this stuff is a good idea.

Mike Huckabee, for example, wasted no time getting his Baptist hustle on with this one. And Did he really have to go there with the crucifix like image in the background too?

Umm…some people, namely voters, might give you a pass on the happy holidays theme, though many of them might be less supportive if pitched a decidedly pro-Christian message. Libertarian darling Representative Ron Paul minced no words about how he felt about Huckabee’s religious posture as a campaigner.

Of course, that did not stop Paul from doing his x-mas ad too.

And Rudy Guiliani put his $0.02 in with this loser ad. Dude lose the sweater vest.

And then not to be outdone Barack Obama made his own holiday ad too. For what its worth, at least Obama said happy holidays AND merry X-mas. You can watch it here. (I would have posted it here, but WordPress does not support bright cove video.)

Do these ads really have the humanizing affect that candidates seek? Won’t voters just see through this stuff?

Update: John Edwards also has a holiday ad. I have to admit I like this one the most.

So where is Hillary’s?

Update: Here it is.

The idea behind this add was a good one, but not very well executed. It came off as stiff and forced.

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