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20 01 2008

The Obama campaign recorded what they claim to be smearing robo calls made on the eve of the Nevada Democratic Caucus. In the audio clip below the recording repeatedly mentions Obama’s middle name, which is Hussein, and lies about Obama’s ties to lobbyists.

The recording informs potential voters that “Barack Hussein Obama says he doesn’t take money from Washington lobbyists or special interest groups but the record is clear that he does.” The very brief call ends by saying, “You just can’t take a chance on Barack Hussein Obama.”

Listen to it.

As a means of neutralizing the intended race baiting of incessantly referring to Obama’s name, Glamatron at Daily Kos has an interesting suggestion.

One of Obama’s strongest assets is his sense of humor and his easy way of joking around with the press. I suggest that in some high profile speech this week, he should mention all the other candidates only by their full names: beginning, middle, last. He could refer to “John Sidney McCain” and “Willard Mitt Romney.” Not everyone could do this without seeming snitty and small, but I know Obama could turn it into a winking joke, so that any time anyone had the audacity to say “Barack Hussein Obama” they would be met with only a snicker.

Better yet… he could jokingly, winkingly give everyone the middle name “Hussein.”

Hillary Hussein Clinton.
John Hussein Edwards.
Fred Hussein Thompson.

Hey, who could take umbrage? Hussein is a very common name in some cultures. If we’re all so beautifully tolerant and it doesn’t matter what name you have, then it doesn’t matter, right? If it’s not a hindrance, it’s not a hindrance right? We are all Marshall. We are all Barack Hussein Obama.

Maybe its worth a shot.

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