Here Comes the Push Back

25 01 2008

Karen Russell blogging for the Huffington Post did not minced words when addressing the Clinton campaign’s full throated attacks on Barack Obama.

For months, we saw “the inevitable frontrunner” running a tight and disciplined campaign. Then as Obama rose in the polls, suddenly Hillary and her surrogates started dropping a series of “misunderstood” slurs. They fit a familiar pattern, “smear, play dumb, own up and apologize”. Rinse, lather and repeat.

We are supposed to believe that as Obama gained ground on Clinton that it’s just mere coincidence that Clinton surrogates painted Obama as a risky “shucking and jiving”, “roll of the dice”, “cocaine-loving”, “drug-dealing”, “Reagan-loving”, “closet-Muslim” , “fairytale-living”, “establishment”, “less black than President Clinton” “rookie”?

We are supposed to believe that these are isolated “mistakes”. Remember these are the people who went after Senator Obama’s kindergarten record and then tried play it off as a joke.

Now it appears that “Trasher-in-Chief” Bill is in charge of keeping the “fun” going. Apparently, the Clinton campaign figured out that having Hillary taking the cheap shots at her opponents made her less “likable”

And now it seems as if some of the push back has been resonating in the media.

Perhaps, the Clinton folks will recognize they are overplaying their hand.

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