You Must Be on Cocaine

3 03 2008

Ever since the 1980s, it has become common place for people to align fits of insanity or even poor judgment with an addiction to crack-cocaine. We’ve all heard it before.

“Brittney did what to them kids? Oh, she must be on crack.”

“He paid how much for that? He must be on crack.”

“You think that house is going to be worth how much in a few years? Sheeeeeeeeet. You must be on crack.”

But notice how no one ever says you must be on cocaine. Consider the following:

“What do you mean he’s not supporting the troops? He must be on cocaine.”

“You really think the Superdelegates within the Democratic party should decide who the Presidential nominee should be? You must be on cocaine.”

“Do you really think we live in a color blind society? You must be on cocaine.”

Why is that? Obviously, I am being coy. We all know the reason for it. At any rate, I am going to start using the “you must be on cocaine” line until it catches on. IntheKut readers feel free to join in.

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One response

9 03 2008

I’d rather say somebody “must be on acid.”

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