McCain Benefits from Prolonged Democratic Primary

7 03 2008

Senator John McCain should draw some solace in Democratic primaries in Ohio and Texas. He is now afforded much more time to campaign virtually unmolested by an opponent. If he’s smart he will spend much of his time courting skeptical conservatives from the Huckaboom and Mittmentum wing of the party.

Ross Douthat at the Atlantic captured the Democrats dilemma perfectly in saying:

Rather, the problem is that the party is losing a golden opportunity to try to put the race away early, the way Bill Clinton more or less did with Bob Dole in 1996 – by using their enormous fundraising advantage to rebrand John McCain as a Dole-style loser while he’s still struggling to get his money-raising operation up to par. As Patrick Ruffini suggested earlier this week, if Obama had finished off Hillary last night he could have been up with anti-McCain ads all over the country immediately, forcing the GOP to play defense in places it usually owns all through the summer. Whereas the longer the race goes on, the less leverage the Dems’ fundraising edge gives them, and the lower the chances that they can make it get late early for McCain through sheer dollar-power alone.

This means we will most likely have to wait a few months before we see many more ads like this one:

McCain’s embrace of Bush at the end is priceless.




One response

7 03 2008

Loved this piece, A. How do you aggregate all this stuff dude? I barely have enough time to sit and read the Post online. Tell me your secrets.

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