Client No. 9

11 03 2008

From the Atlantic 2004:

“He’s an extraordinary candidate,” says the Democratic National Committeeman Robert Zimmerman, talking about Spitzer’s prospects not only for the governorship but also, one imagines, for still higher office. “He’s not received in a partisan light. He gets standing ovations in the heart of Republican suburbs and New York City. It’s the same response. He has a national constituency and a national message. He’s very significant to the Democratic Party, to what we believe in as a country and, quite frankly, what we believe in as Democrats.”

That pretty much captures the high hopes that so many New Yorkers and folks elsewhere in the country had for Governor Spitzer. Despite stumbling in his initial push for ethics reform and driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants, many saw a bright future for the wannabe Teddy Roosevelt. So, for those of us who even causally followed his career up to this point find today’s stunning news of his involvement in a prostitution ring a bitter disappointment.

That said, I feel even worse for his wife Silda Spitzer. She was with the dude for 21 years and then she has to hear about hear about the kind of physical attributes Client no. 9 looked for in a mistress and how often they met.

That’s just got to be heartbreaking.




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11 03 2008
…briefly on spitzer…

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