Obama to Deliever Major Speech on Race in Philly

17 03 2008

In a few my previous posts I suggested that Senator Barack Obama deliver a speech on his views on race and religion and how they fit – or don’t – in personal and private life. Maybe he reads my blog.

Ben Smith at Politico is now reporting that Senator Barack Obama will deliver a major speech in “the larger issue of race in this campaign.”

According to Smith, Obama told reporters in Pennsylvania today that, “I am going to be talking about not just Reverend Wright, but the larger issue of race in this campaign.”

Perhaps some suspect that even if he is honest and forthcoming in his speech tomorrow about race and religion that he risks being pigeon holed as the black candidate. But in the long run he still runs the greater risk of being branded as such if he runs away from confronting this issue.

In the long run, this speech will help inoculate him against the kind of personal attacks he will undoubtedly face in the future primary contests or in the general election.




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