Obama Discusses ‘Bitterness’ in 2004 Interview

14 04 2008

In 2004 an interview on the Charlie Rose Show, then Senator elect Barack Obama commented on how the Democratic party needs to find a way to convincingly speak to the concerns of white rural and working class voters without seeming condescending or elitist to bring them into the Democratic fold.

As Josh Marshall points out at Talking Points Memo, there are certain statements that may make him vulnerable to even more attacks. Saying or implying that voters of any demographic are not interested in policy debates will not be a popular messaging point, even if it is true. But it does demonstrate Obama’s interest to “meeting voters where they are,” instead of alienating them with liberal platitudes or the minutiae of macroeconomic policies. Who wants to dwell on those things anyway? Reaching out to these voters effectively means engaging them on some of the same things that Republicans have used as wedge issues against Republicans – the so-called three G’s of God, Guns, and Gays.

More importantly, it also suggest that Obama has long considered outreach to this very demographic of voters crucial to long term Democratic success.

I doubt this will serve to significantly minimize the manufactured outrage stoked by the McCain and Clinton campaigns, but it does provide some greater context to them.

(H/T: TPM)




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