Get. That. Dirt. Off. Your. Shoulders.

19 04 2008

Just so cool. Even with the first awkward brush he just seems so damn cool.

If there was one thing I wish he did say at the ABC debate this week was simply turn to the audience after he began fielding questions about Bill Ayers and ask them “By show of applause how many people want to this debate to focus on foreclosures, job creation, making college affordable, exiting Iraq, quelling the threat from Iran, health care, and trade as opposed to revisiting tired fake controversies that pass for political scandals wearing flag pins or people I have a vague association with?”

Perhaps it would have seemed as if Obama was showing them up, but I bet the crowd would have been on his side. It would have shown people that he is a take charge kind of politician too.

Just a thought.




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19 04 2008

Maybe next time he will. As it was, when he was invited to bash Clinton, he made pleas to discuss issues instead. Too bad the same couldn’t be said for her. I think given the patience he showed this time, he shouldn’t feel obligated to put up with this again.

20 04 2008

He isn’t as cool as he seems

20 04 2008

Umm…actually, he might be cooler than he seems.

24 04 2008

KUT, ignorance is bliss isn’t it. Why don’t you move to my hood in Chicago, and see how cool his politics are.

24 04 2008

I never said politics was cool. I just said he was cool. I also think the First Amendment is cool, but that does not mean that I think all forms of speech protected under the FA is cool.

I think a little nuance is in order here.

Ignorance about what? I support the dude because I like the fact that his foreign policy emphasizes the role that weak and failed states play in regional and global stability and security in the world.

I support him because of his background as a civil rights and civil liberties lawyer and the fact that he believes there are limits to the scope of executive power.

I support him because of he was one of the first candidates on the trail to discuss the importance of reinvigorating the nuclear nonproliferation regime.

I support him because he of his prescient criticism and opposition to the Iraq war.

I also support him because he is for the Employee Free Choice Act.

I like Chi-town and all, but my hometown of New York City has a special place in my heart even with all its problems.

Thanks for the invitation tho. 🙂 I really appreciate it.

Excuse me while I brush my shoulders off.

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