Generationally Focused

25 04 2008

Andrew Sullivan is truly a fountain of insights. I suppose this partially explains why I don’t understand the baby boomer media class myself.

Leave aside the actual merits of the current neocon-Clinton-Limbaugh campaign against Obama – that he’s linked to the Weather Underground, that his pastor is a “racist”, that he cannot appeal to Reagan Democrats, that he’s another McGovern, that he’s a closet Communist, etc. etc. What strikes me is the energy with which these pundits actually derive from these associations and debates. It’s quite clear that they really anger up the blood of a certain class of people. And yet they don’t me, particularly. They seem pretty irrelevant to me, in the context of an election about a major war, a teetering economy, a weakened constitution, a mounting level of debt, a plummeting dollar, and a warming planet. I understand that this is politics, that these are vulnerabilities of associations, that these issues have some traction and a sliver of justification, but I still can’t get that worked up about them. Why, I wonder?

When you think about these controversies, you [begin] to realize just how generationally-focused they are. For a lot of people under 40, the Weather Underground sound like an Austin Powers out-take or a rock band.




One response

27 04 2008

I’m of that generation and I’m amazed at how many people my age seem to be so freaking horrified by these people. If the people who got us into, and kept us in, the Vietnamese war, and the people who opposed codifying civil rights for all Americans into law were not considered associations to be shamed by, I certainly don’t see what the problem should be with these two. The media loves something to be afraid of. It just encourages fear of the wrong things.

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