Gas Tax Fodder

6 05 2008

What happens when those who claim to represent the party of ideas collides with those eager to pander? Well, you scapegoat the experts naturally.

Senator Bob Menendez drinks the Kool Aid too.

Interestingly enough, when Senator Clinton said that Obama’s plan was not universal and that her plan in fact was she regularly cited health care experts and economists as a way of substantiating her claim. Here is what Senator Hillary Clinton said in her debate with Senator Obama back in February of this year only a few days shy of the Ohio and Texas primary.

And unfortunately it’s a debate we should have that is accurate and is based in facts about my plan and Senator Obama’s plan, because my plan will cover everyone and it will be affordable. And on many occasions, independent experts have concluded exactly that.

And Senator Obama’s plan does not cover everyone. It would leave, give or take, 15 million people out. So we should have a good debate that uses accurate information, not false, misleading, and discredited information, especially on something as important as whether or not we will achieve quality, affordable health care for everyone.




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