Ho Hum Victory

14 05 2008

After capturing 67 percent of the vote compared to only 26 for Obama in the West Virigina Democratic primary contest last night, Senator Hillary Clinton vowed to fight on and on and on and on.

According to Patrick Healey of the NYT, Senator Clinton seemed to minced no words about her quixotic quest in her victory speech.

“There are some who have wanted to cut this race short,” Mrs. Clinton said at a victory party in Charleston, W.Va., where the crowd at one point chanted, “It’s not over!” “I am more than ever determined to carry on this campaign until everyone has had a chance to make their voices heard.”

But then this begs the question of what metric is left to demonstrate her viability for the nomination? She’s significantly behind in pledged state delegates(1352 to 1418), in popular votes, and won fewer states than Obama (28 to 16) has overtaken her in Superdelegates (265 to 282), and a mountain of campaign debt to pay off.

I am sure the Clinton camp is aware of all this. How could they not? Even long time Clinton loyalist James Carville conceded that Obama is very likely to be the nominee. She fought tenaciously, if not nastily, but at this point I say go knock yourselves themselves out. Drink some whiskey. Got hunt. Chat about health care with some folks at the Ohio and Kentucky border and just chillax.

Plus, with Kentucky on the horizon perhaps she can go out on a high note and make the most of these ho hum victories.




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