An Evolution

15 05 2008

So we went from

To this

And then this

And now we have this

But honestly, I am not surprised about the John Edwards endorsement. After all, he practically admitted voting for Obama during an MSNBC interview when he unintentionally said he voted for “him” and not for “her” in the North Carolina primary.

“You’re saying that this candidate you voted for will be the candidate that you potentially endorse, that it looks highly likely, if I can use your words?” she said.

“I’d say that’s very likely,” Mr. Edwards said.

“Okay, well, I’m close, I just need to find out who Elizabeth voted for,” Ms. Brzezinski said, referring to Mrs. Edwards.

“I just voted – I just voted for him on Tuesday, so–,” Mr. Edwards said.

Then David Schuster, another MSNBC host, interrupted: “So it was a him or a her that you voted for?”

Mr. Edwards backpedaled a bit, saying, “No, no,” and laughing.

Clearly, this must have been in the works at least before to the North Carolina primary, if not weeks prior to that contest. More and more the aura of inevitability surrounding Obama is slowly but surely asserting itself.




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