Barack the Vote in the North Carolina

12 06 2008

Some encouraging news from the Tar Hell state:

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the Tar Heel State finds John McCain earning 45% of the vote while Barack Obama attracts 43% support. McCain led by three points a month ago and the two candidates were tied in April. It’s interesting to note that support for both candidates has declined from the previous couple of polls. Six percent (6%) now say they will vote for a third party option and 5% are undecided.

According to Rasmussen, Obama has improved in the polls overall in North Carolina even as his negatives rose by a tad.

Opinions about Obama are much stronger—33% have a Very Favorable opinion of the Democratic nominee while 34% have a Very Unfavorable opinion. That’s a net decline of eight points for Obama since last month. For McCain, the comparable numbers are 18% Very Favorable and 17% Very Unfavorable, a net improvement of six




2 responses

12 06 2008
Ben K

Obama will be closer in NC than Gore or Kerry, but he isnt going to win it

12 06 2008

That may or may not be true. The fact that its this close this early means that McCain will have to dump more resources into a state the Republican presidential candidates normally carry.

This is key because running any campaign, especially a national one is an resource intensive affair.

And given how McCain continues to struggle to raise money, recruit the right people, and remains overwhelmed by managerial problems, poll numbers like these just make it all the more likely Obama will turn certain red states blue in November.

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