Mama McCain Doubts John McCain Can Solidify GOP Base

16 06 2008

John McCain’s mother Roberta McCain told C-SPAN the following earlier this year:

Steve Scully: “This is a political question in terms of how he gets the nomination, but just from what you have seen, how much support do you think he has among the base of the Republican Party?”

Roberta McCain: “I don’t think he has any. I don’t know what the base of the Repub — maybe I don’t know enough about it, but I’ve not seen any help whatsoever.”

Scully: “So can he then go on and become the nominee of this party?”

McCain: “Yes, I think holding their nose they’re going to have to take him.”

Scully: “Can you explain?”

McCain: “Well, everything they’ve done and said. … Now I’m really popping off, but he worked like a dog to get Bush re-elected. … He’s backed Bush in everything except Rumsfeld. Have you heard other senators and congressmen backing Bush over eight years? Find me it — give me a name. I’ve not seen any public recognition of the work that he’s done for the Republican party.”

Two very interesting things emerge out of this exchange. One is that Mama McCain more than concedes that her son irredeemably unpopular among GOP base voters when she said, “Yes, I think holding their nose they’re going to have to take him.” Secondly, Mama McCain goes out of her way not only to emphasize McCain’s fierce loyalty to President Bush, but also how he has led the pack among other members of Congress in that respect.

Its one thing to read such a characterization by a random blogger but hearing this from John McCain’s own mother is just something else entirely.




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