John McCain Does Not Know the Price of Gas

29 06 2008

Senator John McCain continues to tout his gas tax holiday plan despite the fact that no economist sees any merit in his or Senator Hillary Clinton’s proposal. Under McCain’s plan, the federal gas tax charging 18.4 cents per gallon at most gas pumps and 24.4 cents for diesel fuel would be eliminated for an entire summer.

The Arizona Senator announced his plan in April of this year in an effort to convince the public that he is a man of the people. “This measure, combined with the summer-long ‘gas-tax holiday,’ will bring a timely reduction in the price of gasoline. And because the cost of gas affects the price of food, packaging, and just about everything else, these immediate steps will help to spread relief across the American economy,” said the Republican Presidential presumptive nominee in April.

Experts say, however, that the plan would do more harm than good. For starters, if the plan went into effect it would seriously deplete the highway trust fund, which finances the building and repairing of the nations roads since, “every $1 billion of federal highway investment supports 34,779 jobs.”

Plus, abolishing the gas tax, even for just a few months, may stimulate greater gas consumption. That would inevitably drive up the demand for an already scarce commodity causing prices to sharply rise by the end of the year and beyond. This remains a very real possibility considering how the U.S. already accounts for a quarter of the world’s oil demand.

Not long ago, Good Morning America asked five economists what they thought of the McCain and Clinton plan on gas taxes and this is what they found:

Obama, and other people who are simply concerned about future of our planet, should also be mindful of how McCain’s stubborn support for the so-called gas tax holiday at best stands in tension with his seemingly pro-environment proposals. Surely, encouraging the consumption of more oil will not serve our goal of reducing carbon emissions over the long term very well.

True to form, Senator McCain maintained his steadfast support for the gas tax holiday plan while in California recently. But oddly enough the same man who claims to be attuned to how people are hurting at the pump did not know what the price of gas was.

In an interview with Martin Wiskol of Orange County Register, McCain said the following while en route to a fundraiser in Orange County:

WISCKOL: I’d like to ask you a couple questions suggested by voters here. They’re not reporter-type questions.

McCAIN: Sure. It’d be a pleasure.

WISCKOL: When was the last time you pumped your own gas and how much did it cost?

McCAIN: Oh, I don’t remember. Now there’s Secret Service protection. But I’ve done it for many, many years. I don’t recall and frankly, I don’t see how it matters. I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of town hall meetings, many as short a time ago as yesterday. I communicate with the people and they communicate with me very effectively.

Come again? We are not talking about the price of Raisin Bran here.

We are talking about the price of gas, which as of this writing is more than $4 nationally and $4.57 per gallon just in California alone. Additionally, not only do 62 percent of people in a recent CNN survey believe that high gas prices are due to unsavory business practices by oil companies, but another Washington Post and ABC News poll also found that gas prices was just behind health care in terms of what issues mattered most for voters.

But perhaps none of that matters much since he can communicate with voters.

Interestingly enough, when John McCain was asked by the OC Register how he differed from Bush, one of the issues the Arizona Senator cited was a willingness to “Addressing climate change effectively.”

In fact, he repeated it twice in response to the same question.

At least that was one question he was prepared to answer.




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29 06 2008
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29 06 2008
Tim Leahy

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16 10 2008

mccain is wack

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