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11 07 2008

So much has been said about the recent firestorm of controversy surrounding Rev. Jesse Jackson’s whispered yet audible desire to cut Obama’s “nuts off” that there is nothing left to blog about it. But a reader of this blog recently sent me a post by talk show host and CNN contributor Roland Martin, who grew up as an admirer of Jackson, that I thought was worth highlighting.

Martin on why Rev. Jackson is out of touch:

Now, in his most vile and pathetic comments yet, Jackson was overhead telling a fellow panelist prior to an interview on Fox that he was going to cut Obama’s “nuts off” for his speeches on morality and fatherhood in the black community.

Rewind that for a moment. An African American reverend – someone who is called by God to speak to moral issues of the day – takes issue with an African American presidential candidate speaking about faith-based issues and the need for black men to take care of their children, for parents to care about their child’s health, and to turn the television off and to start reading more and more books?

If there was any further evidence needed to show that Rev. Jackson has lost his moral compass and is far out of touch with the state of black America today, this is it. And it is clear that Jackson has forgotten that as a minister, his first goal is to always address the moral issues before anything else.

Martin on why Rev. Jackson’s beef with Obama wrongly undercuts honest self criticism in the black community:

Jackson seems to want Obama to shut up on the issue of black men fathering children out of wedlock and not taking care of their responsibility. Instead, he wants him to keep his sights on jobs, economic development and education.

And that nonsense about talking down to black people? That’s the kind of BS I’ve always heard, and it’s Jackson’s way of saying Obama thinks he is better than other black folks. That’s, right. It’s just another way of calling him uppity.

In his post, Martin also suggests that perhaps Rev. Jackson angered by Obama’s criticism because it might hit a little too close to home. “Rev. Jackson can’t necessarily give the same speech Obama gave because he committed adultery and had a child out of wedlock several years ago. He’s taking care of the young girl, but another child being raised by a single mother – even if it carries the last name Jackson – is part of the problem in black America…”

Strong stuff.

But, interestingly enough, Martin did not mention how appalling it was to hear echoes the castration of lynching victims a common practice in the Jim Crow south. To me, that’s perhaps the most disturbing part of this whole affair, particularly because of how often lynching was used as a means of social control of black folks aimed at crushing any form of dissent and protestations.

And given the historic nature of Obama’s candidacy as potentially the first black president, and currently the sole African American U.S. Senator, I am at lost for how a prominent civil rights could feel its fine to say such things even if it was in private.

For a very sobering online photohistory of lynching in the United States please visit

(H/T: Reader Eric)




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