Obama’s Post Convention Bump Hits 50 Percent

3 09 2008

With Governor Sarah Palin’s vetting stories soaking up so much of the media oxygen few have bothered to notice Senator Barack Obama’s post convention bump this past weekend.  According to the most recent Gallup daily tracking poll, Obama has a 50 to 42 percent advantage over Senator John McCain. Though this is not the largest lead Illinois Senator has held over McCain (a July Gallup found 49 compared to 40 percent of all registered voters favored Obama over the Arizona Senator), its an important milestone nonetheless since it the first time that half of all voters now favor the hope machine than they do McSame.

Obviously, McCain and company will eat into the lead here, but with the truncated and thus far lackluster GOP convention, and Gov. Palin’s Prego-gate and Trooper-gate dominated news coverage at the expense of a McCain’s overall message coming out of the Twin Cities this week, I doubt it will even this up any time soon.

In fact, I predict that by next week the Obama-Biden ticket will still have a solid 5 point lead over McCain-Palin campaign. Or at the very least it will be beyond the margin of error.




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