Obviously Not

21 11 2008

Couric: Do you feel as if you owe President-Elect Obama one?

Lieberman: Well, look, no more than what I’ve said from the day after the election two weeks ago, which is: I congratulate Barack Obama on becoming our president. I offer him my full-hearted commitment to help in any way I can to make him the president we need at this urgently critical time in mesh history.

Couric: I know you want to look forward, Sen. Lieberman, but I feel I would remiss if I didn’t mention a couple things that enraged Democrats.

Lieberman: Why did I know you were gonna do that?

Couric: You said on whether Sen. Obama is a Marxist, you said “it’s a good question to ask.” Are you sorry you said that?

Lieberman: That’s one of those things I wish I said more clearly. Obviously Barack Obama is not a Marxist.

Obviously. Well, if it was so obvious why on earth would be a good question?

Perhaps, I a just another bitter blogger clinging to my keyboard, but Senator Liberman simply does not sound appreciative enough of the fact that Obama essentially saved his chairmanship. For a man who waged one of the most slanderous attacks on Barack Obama and merely got a slap on the wrist, he soes not seem anywhere near apologetic enough for what he did.

Of course, no one knows what kind of deal the Dems struck with Lieberman, but I really hope it was worth it.




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