Arizona Sheriff Puts Immigrants in Tent City

13 02 2009

On February 4th, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio of reality TV fame began removing 200 undocumented immigrants from inside Maricopa County’s Durango Jail to a segregated area outside of it the widely known as “Tent City,” where they will be surrounded by an electrified fence. The star of Fox network’s “Smile … You’re Under Arrest!” invited members of the media to witness undocumented immigrants marched off chained together to what’s been described as a military camp in the desert where temperatures can reach as high as 100 degrees.

Sheriff Arpaio claims the move was necessary to accommodate burgeoning inmate population and save taxpayer money, despite providing no explanation of how that will happen. “We have expanded the tents to be able to house as many as 2500 inmates out of the 10,000 currently incarcerated in the jails,” he explained in a press release. Undocumented immigrants detained in tent city will remain there until they complete their sentences or deported to their home countries.

But critics charge Sheriff Arpaio treatment of prisoners warrant legal scrutiny. ACORN called the move a “blatant disregard for civil rights.” According to the Phoenix New Times, Arpaio has been the target of 50 times as many prisoner related lawsuits than the jail systems of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston combined from about 2004-2007.

Last year, Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon has also urged the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department to investigate Sheriff Arpaio for a “pattern and practice of conduct that includes discriminatory harassment improper stops, searches, and arrests.”

Now it seems some calls for investigating the sheriff is starting to get some traction. Chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives Congressman John Conyers recently sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano asking for both of them to investigate Sheriff Arpaio for violating the rights of immigrants. Neither official has responded just yet.

But in the mean time check out this video from Democracy Now! on Sheriff Arpario and his immigration enforcement efforts.




One response

18 02 2009
Ivan L. Fail

I have a suggestion for Sheriff Arpaio’s “victims of abuse”.

Keep your noses clean, stop illegally entering the U. S., stop dealing dope, stop raping and killing, stop burglarizing homes and businesses, stop stealing other peoples property, stop vioating the law –, AND OTHER PEOPLES RIGHTS -, and stay out of jail. Then Sheriff Arpaio won’t be “able to violate your rights” because you won’t be within “his reach and under his jurisdiction”!

That strikes me as not only a very effecive and simple solution but also a lot less painful and costly for your victims as well as the taxpayers who are forced to pay for your parasite opportunist attorneys –, as well as your room and board.

If you would “stick to and practice that code of honor” -, respect the law of the land and the rights and property of others -, you would soon learn that a lot of law abiding, compassionate Americans would trust and respect you and be more than glad to “reach out and give you a helping hand”. But at the moment -, there is “something about your attitudes” -, and the attitudes of those who “champion your cause” -, that is extremely alienating, offensive and infuriating.

Perhaps that’s because we are fed up with working and slaving to “earn our way” and accululate assets only to have the Wall Street Fat Cat “corporate bonus” and other white collar criminal Bernie Madoff types appropriate and evaporate those assets”.

And we’re equally fed up with the blue collar, “lawyer’s monkey” ACLU propaganda stooges like YOU -, who break in, rape murder and steal.

Ivan, from Missouri -, and a veteran of “dealing with people like you” who violate the rights of others and then whine and snivel when “you get your hands slapped” as your lawyers and other loud mouthed and neurotic
“opportunist advocates” -, that WE’RE forced to subsidize or pay for –, are are “singing your anthem”.

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